Empowering Water Businesses With Water Delivery Management Software

Get your own white-label website, a customer app to get direct orders, a driver app to manage deliveries, & a robust back-office to supervise all data in one place.



Take your business online with a fully integrated white-labeled website.


Customer App

Take direct orders through your own app. For both iOS and Android Platforms.


Driver App

View & track order, optimized routes, acquire proof of delivery, customer feedback.


Back Office

Manage your whole business in one place - drivers, customers, business reports.

Smart Delivery Solution For Bottled Water Distributors

Set Everything Up In Minutes

Water Delivery Solutions is a comprehensive software to make the operational side of the drinking water distribution system simple. Take direct orders, have your pickups & deliveries auto assigned to the delivery boy.

Customer Management

With on-demand water can delivery app, launch your bottled water delivery business online in minutes. Easy and efficient use to grow your business with world's demands.

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Why Use an Online Platform To Manage Your Water Delivery Business

This feature-rich Bottled Water Delivery Software combines the processes of accepting orders online, managing delivery routes, proof of delivery, and more to boost the efficiency of your water supply business and improve customer happiness. Using our clever Scheduling Software for Water Delivery Service, automatically assign delivery of orders and delivery locations to delivery drivers.


Water Bottles Management

Manage logistics, future stock, count of water bottles, & auto-assignment to drivers.


Automatic Dispatch Scheduling

Auto-assignment of orders to drivers with smart algorithm according to routes & time.


Order Tracking & Notification

Real-time alerts & tracking to keep customers, drivers, and users informed about orders.

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Smarter Route Optimization

Flexible route planning and scheduling for the inventory department & quick deliveries.


Electronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic signatures and delivery with the OTP option, real-time evidence of delivery.


Multiple Payment Gateways

Easy & multiple modes of payment with Paytm, PayPal, PayU, Stripe, RazorPay, etc.

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Benefits Of Online Water Delivery Software

The completely functional, efficient, and user-friendly delivery system has bridged the gap between customers and water distributors. The simple yet efficient tools improve the dependability of the bottled water distribution system

Timely delivery of water bottles

Simplification of your business

Accurate inventory data

Paperless business

Build customer trust

No more stress of managing your water business manually! Smart Water Jar Management Software for you.

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Single software For Your Water Delivery Problems

Our flexible and robust online water delivery solution is specially developed to help your business - from small-scale to large-scale businesses.

Increased Sales And Profit

Take control of your deliveries and grow your customers base. Lead your path to greater sales and profit with features that are tailored according to your business needs.

Greater Work And Efficiency

Water delivery software offers to streamline processes from beginning to end. Extract the maximum outcomes by automating your business

Improved Work Accuracy

Digital platforms work on algorithms and they provide accurate information regarding the deliveries, data and upcoming orders.

Enhanced Customer Trust

With so much accuracy, customers build their trust in the business. This increases customers retention and trust to order from you again.


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What Our Happy Customers Are Saying


Water Delivery Solutions is very effective for saving all the business records, customer’s get their order on time and can easily modify the order according to their requirement. It is a highly efficient delivery system and I would recommend it to anyone looking to deliver water online.

Elizabeth Foster



Water Delivery Solutions has worked wonders for my business. I am currently using the software for my business, it’s a great way to provide online water deliveries to my customer’s doorstep’s seamlessly. Highly recommended!

Mark Young



Water Delivery Solutions has been an incredible tool for my business. Now things run smoothly! I would definitely recommend the software for any business looking to have a high-touch way of manage their water delivery business and deliveries online.

Richard Nelson

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